The Greenest Roof on the Market

Green since 1948

  • Made from 95% recycled content
  • Energy Star rated and qualify for tax credits
  • Aluminum reflects heat, saving up to 30% on cooling costs
  • “Cool Roof” will increase comfort by keeping building cooler
  • Lightest room at 42 lbs per 100 sq feet = lowest carbon footprint to ship
  • Can be installed over existing roof eliminating tear off and landfill waste

High Performance Finish

Featuring Fluoroceram®, a Premium Kynar 500® coating system containing a minimum of 70% Kynar 500® Resin.

  • Fluoroceram coating, a high performance finish, contains highly during ceramic pigments
  • High Performance Primer contains corrosion-inhibitive pigments providing long-life protection to the aluminum shingle
  • Special Chemical Bonding treatment for permanent finish
  • Aluminum Alloy Shingle of the finest quality, embossed for beauty and strength

PermaLock aluminum shingles belong to a unique class of shingles protected by a Fluoroceram Coil Coating. Only select manufacturers are certified to apply the special coating, created by the engineers at Morton International.

Product Information

  • 5000 Series aluminum, minimum .019 inch thickness +/- .001 inch.
  • Finished shingles – 9 1/4 inches high and 18 inches wide with reverse lock bent on four sides and grain pattern stamped into shingles.
  • Manufactured with 95% recycled material.
  • Shipping Weight: 40 lb. per square.
  • Each box contains 96 shingles or 100 square feet.

Also available in Real Zinc and Real Copper.

PermaLock Aluminum Shingles

Distinctive Beauty. Exceptional Value. Lifetime Protection.

Since 1948, PermaLock aluminum shingles have been withstanding the test of time, protecting and beautifying the most important investment of many Americans – their home. For over fifty years, owners of PermaLock aluminum shingles have avoided the expense of re-roofing and enjoyed the distinctive beauty of a roof system carefully designed and warranted to last a lifetime.

As you evaluate your roofing needs, we think you’ll be impressed with the features an benefits of PermaLock aluminum shingles. No other roofing product can offer you more. By choosing to have our aluminum shingle roof system installed on your home, you can experience the security and peace of mind that comes from knowing you will never need to roof again.

Lifetime Protection

PermaLock aluminum shingles are backed with a unique lifetime, transferable, non-prorated warranty. Prorated, non-transferable warranties are common in the roofing industry because manufacturers know the value of their warranty and consequently their potential liability greatly decreases over time. We have designed and manufactured our shingles to last a lifetime and our warranty conveys to you the confidence we have in our product.

We challenge you to compare our warranty to the warranty of any roofing product you are considering for use on your home. Our warranty is clearly superior, because our shingles are superior. When you choose to have a PermaLock aluminum shingle roof installed on your home, you put an end – once and for all – to your roofing worries.

  • Non-prorated Lifetime Transferable Warranty
    We offer a comprehensive warranty unsurpassed in the roofing industry.

  • Lightweight
    Can be installed over most existing roofing, eliminating messy, costly tear-offs.

  • Permanent
    Will not rust, rot, split or curl.

  • Economical
    No maintenance or reroofing expense.

  • Fire Resistant
    Aluminum shingles will not burn or support combustion.

  • Walk On It
    You can walk on a PermaLock aluminum shingle roof without damaging it.

  • Beautiful
    Embossed cedar grain, choose from a variety of popular colors.

  • Superior Paint Finish
    We utilize the latest technology to provide a paint finish with exceptional resistance to aging, chalking, peeling, cracking or fading.

  • Interlocking
    Shingles interlock on all four sides for added strength and weather resistance.

  • Wind
    Warranted to withstand winds up to 165 mph.

  • Hail Rating
    Passed Class IV Hail Rating.

Exceptional Value

The true value of a roofing product must be measured by what it costs to protect your home over time. A PermaLock aluminum shingle roof is an investment that will save thousands of dollars in future repair and replacement costs. Most homeowners can expect to replace their roof three times or more during their lifetime. Your PermaLock aluminum shingle roof will never need replacing, and will require little or no maintenance.

When you consider the money you will save in replacement and maintenance expenses, and how a beautiful lifetime roof will add to the value of your home, we think you will agree that our shingles are a “best buy.”

Distinctive Beauty

Your roof can significantly impact the appearance of your home because it may comprise up to fifty percent of your home’s exterior. The unique beauty of PermaLock aluminum shingles will make your home stand apart from those around it.

The enduring beauty, pleasing colors, and sharp, clean lines of a PermaLock aluminum shingle roof will give your home an eye-catching appeal. Fashioned from rich, embossed cedar grain aluminum, PermaLock aluminum shingles are distinctively attractive.

Unlike other roofing products, PermaLock aluminum shingles retain their beauty over time. Asphalt and wood shingles will begin displaying unsightly signs of wear and age after years in the elements. Your PermaLock aluminum shingle roof will look like new for generations. 

Why Aluminum?

Aluminum has long been recognized as a material both lightweight and exceptionally strong. For these reasons, aluminum is used extensively in the aviation and automotive industries. Aluminum is also unusually weather-resistant. Unlike steel, it can’t rust. Unlike wood or asphalt products, it will not rot or deteriorate and will never lose strength with age.

The unique characteristics of aluminum make it the ideal material from which to fashion a high-quality, permanent roofing system.

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